The 10 Irrefutable Rules of Retailing
Congratulations on unlocking the 10 Rules of Retailing. The video below was professionally filmed and edited, and is posted in its entirety, from one of our previous National Design Studio conferences, attended by hundreds of homebuilding professionals from across the country.

This never-before released program, which has spurred game-changing improvements in the operations of many homebuilders, is now available for a short time below.  Sit back, relax, and enjoy the show.

We often refer to this program as “Disruption”, both for the ways in which we hoped this program would disrupt the outdated ways of doing things in the industry and in the ways we wanted to provide a live program that disrupted the traditional rules of boring old seminars…so stay tuned for some bursts of music, and maybe a little on-stage dancing along the way…plan to take lots of notes and have some idea-sparking cross-departmental conversations!

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