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2023 Design and Product Trends Presentation

  Join Jane Meagher, President of Success Strategies, and Dawn Duhamel, Associate Principal & Director, Business Development of DTJ Design and formerly the VP of Business Development with Possibilities for Design, for the fast-paced, info-packed, annual...

New Home Sales Tips for 2023

  New Home Sales Tips for 2023Lasso’s annual much-anticipated blog post Jane was honored to contribute to Lasso’s popular annual blog, along with other industry leaders.  Jane shares 5 rules for successful design collections and packages in a tough market....

Where did we lose control?

Article written by Jane

I have spoken with many builders who — despite having a range of policies and procedures in place — are still stuck in a “no-win” zone with buyers who complain about policies and team members who make constant exceptions in the name of homebuyer satisfaction.