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We help homebuilders turn their home personalization
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powerhouse that:

Eliminates operational headaches

 Turns customers into raving fans

Drives home sales and even more profit on every home you sell

From team training to studio creation and everything in between,
our business is helping you grow yours through the strategy of design.

Welcome to the business end of design:

Where every decision about your personalization process  begins with strategy in mind. The result?

  • Less “hot mess” operations and more streamlined, predictable processes that work for you and your customers.

  • A home personalization experience that positions you as a market leader (with the stellar reviews to prove it).

  • A design team that doesn’t merely take orders… but confidently leads buyers through every stage of personalizing their dream home.

  • A design studio that isn’t just pretty or “trending” — but a key source of profit in your company.

We are the industry’s leading experts in helping homebuilders find, fix and monetize
the untapped potential in their design studio (or design collections) experience. 

Here’s how we can help you:


As buyers become more discerning and slower to buy, it’s essential that builders provide a compelling case for why buyers should act now — and why they should build with you.

With strategies you can implement quickly (and with minimal friction) to help you sell more homes, BOOST!™ is the edge you’ve been looking for.

BOOST!™ is for builders who want to discover strategies to leverage their existing personalization experience as a tool to sell more homes, even in challenging market conditions.


Access world-class, industry-leading online training for your design studio team.

We make it easier than ever to upskill your team with online training that has been expertly created specifically for the design studio environment.

Training  ensures your design studio consultants and managers have the skills, tools and support they need to deliver an exceptional, streamlined personalization experience that drives customer satisfaction and profit at every turn.


Work privately with our founder, Jane Meagher, to rethink your operations, systems, personalization process and more.

Strategy Consulting is a custom project designed around your most pressing challenges, and the  way to work directly with Jane (the undisputed national leader in design studio optimization and personalization strategy).

Private consulting is for builders who want to systematize operations for greater efficiency, optimize their design process, products, and pricing — and innovate new ways to solidify their position as market leaders.


Create a world-class design studio that sets you apart as an industry leader.

We guide you through the process of creating a strategic design studio environment, so you can deliver a remarkable customer experience and sell more options. After creating 170+ unique design studios across the US & Canada (and winning over 30 national awards), our unparalleled expertise will help you maximize your space’s revenue potential while avoiding costly mistakes.

We offer two design studio creation options, to suit your timing, needs, and budget. The result is a state-of-the-art design studio with the power to change your business.

2023 WORKSHOPS are now open, some have already sold out

Want to sell more homes?

Transform your design studio experience (or design collections) into a robust marketing tool  to attract quality prospects and convert them to contracted home buyers.

Our interactive, virtual workshops will teach you EXACTLY how to leverage YOUR unique personalization benefits to better position your company and drive homes sales.

BOOST! is NOT a design studio program, it’s a series of virtual workshops for your Sales, Marketing, and Design leaders to work together to help you sell more homes.

Meet Jane Meagher,

President of Success Strategies and
Founder of The National Design Studio Institute:


Unique Design Studios


National Awards for Best
Design Center from NAHB


Housing Markets across
the US & Canada


Unique Design Studios

National Awards for Best
Design Center from NAHB

Housing Markets across
the US & Canada

Success Strategies is led by Jane Meagher, nationally-recognized speaker, trainer and design studio expert.

With a 20+ year history of consulting in the homebuilding industry, we have created 175+ unique design studio environments across the US and Canada, winning over 30 National Awards for Best Design Center. We have also taught and trained thousands of design studio professionals through speaking at more than 100 homebuilding events and through our own industry-leading events and online programs.

We work at the corporate, departmental and individual levels to help you turn every aspect of your design studio into an efficient, profitable and marketable powerhouse — the kind that makes a mark on your reputation, and your bottom line.

Our history, credentials and industry experience uniquely position us to bring you an unrivaled mastery of the world of home personalization and design studio optimization. 

Quite simply, there’s nothing else we do — and nobody does it like us.


Executive Testimonials

“I’m grateful we made the decision to invest and would make the same decision again.”

“Consultants can often fall back into “order taking” when things are busy, and everything becomes transactional. There is a lot of general sales training available, but nothing is as detailed and specific to the design studio as DC PRO. Our teams are utilizing the tools and techniques daily.”


Sherri Drew
National Vice President of Design Studios, Tri Pointe Homes

“It goes without saying that our design centers have changed how we do business and paid for themselves many times over.  Jane is the best in the business and I hope she can do for you what she does for us!”


John Barnes
President, Chesapeake Homes

“When it comes to creating meaningful and effective customer experiences, Jane is best in class. Her ability to blend concept and strategy into cohesive, actionable plans that achieve real goals and deliver remarkable results is unsurpassed. Jane did more than just elevate Eagle’s customer experience, she elevated the experience of Eagle itself.”

Josh Goldschmidt
President, Eagle Homes

“I’ve learned so much from Jane about the Design Studio business. Her meticulous and focused attention to each project is admirable. She takes the time to understand the builder’s Design Studio business, points out where there may not be a clear strategy, and collaborates in an inclusive way to deliver projects that meet goals. Jane’s been a great thought partner throughout the years that I’ve had the pleasure to know her.”

Lisa McLelland
National Vice President, Design Studios, Toll Brothers

“The Design Studio has been a game changer to McBride Homes, both from the customer experience and profitability standpoints.  Jane provides an exponential return on investment and I am a very passionate fan of Jane and her company.”

John Eilermann Jr.
Chairman and CEO, McBride and Son Homes



Watch Jane’s popular presentation on The Future of Design Studios — and walk away with 5 powerful strategies to future-proof your company.




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