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Step Up to a higher level and outperform
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Work privately with our founder, Jane Meagher, to rethink your operations, systems, personalization process and more. Strategy Consulting is a custom project designed around your most pressing challenges, and the way to work directly one-on-one with Jane (the undisputed national leader in design studio optimization and personalization strategy).

Private consulting is for builders who want to systematize operations for greater efficiency, optimize their design process, products, and pricing — and innovate new ways to solidify their position as market leaders (both now and in the future).

ELEVATE consulting is available in 3 tiers: Elite Access, Platinum Partnership, and Platinum Plus Partnership, so you can choose the amount of support you require.

Typical topics include:


Strategic creation of design collections (typically includes strategy, data review, configuration, design trends, profit and pricing, marketing, sales, IT needs, operations, and more)


Creating consistent, upleveled operations and customer experience across multiple divisions


Taking a retail approach to your design studio store


Reimagine and remap your customer experience through all customer touchpoints in the design studio and far beyond (into other departments)


Redefine interdepartmental communication and partnership while diving into your most critical improvement opportunities across a variety of topics ranging from internal operations to customer experience to corporate goal alignment and more.

Drawing on her homebuilding background with leadership roles in market research, marketing, sales, and design, Jane has a rare ability to understand the unique challenges facing homebuilders today.

For the last 20+ years, Jane has consulted directly with homebuilding executives for many of the nation’s Top 100 builders, for regional powerhouse builders, and for local market leaders.

Here’s what some of them have to say:

After Jane created a design studio experience that became the cornerstone of Eagle’s business strategy, we knew we needed to bring that unparalleled homebuilding experience to Eagle companywide. Through Elevate, Eagle’s associates were equipped with the skills and resources to guide homebuyers through one of their biggest investments. 

 It goes without saying that when it comes to creating meaningful and effective customer experiences, Jane is best in class. Her ability to blend concept and strategy into cohesive, actionable plans that achieve real goals and deliver remarkable results is unsurpassed.  Together, Jane did more than just elevate Eagle’s customer experience, she elevated the experience of Eagle itself.”

 Josh Goldschmidt, President, Eagle of VA

I’ve learned so much from Jane about the Design Studio business. Her meticulous and focused attention to each project in which we’ve worked together, is admirable. She takes the time to understand the strategy around the builder’s Design Studio business (and point out where there may not be a clear strategy) – and collaborates in an inclusive way to deliver projects that meet goals.

 Jane’s been a great thought partner throughout the years that I’ve had the pleasure to know her.

 Lisa McClelland, National Vice President, Design Studios, Toll Brothers

The Design Studio has been a game changer to McBride Homes! Both from the Customer Experience and from a profitability standpoint. You provide a value with an exponential return on investment. You provide all the tools for a company that wants to be successful, to be successful. Your experience in sales and sales management for builders gives you a great understanding of what builders deal with. You have been there.

 You bring a lot of great things to the table, but at the end of the day, you are a process junkie!   Builders also have to learn the process, trust the process, and manage the process.

 Your company is easy to work with. You are very professional. You are organized. And most importantly you are passionate about your customers being successful! You are great at setting the right expectation and then exceeding it. McBride was just not a client on a project. We feel like we have been brought into the Jane and Success Strategies’ family.  We feel like you are part of the McBride family!  I am a very passionate fan of you and your company.

 John Eilermann Jr, Chairman and CEO, McBride and Son Homes

It goes without saying that our design centers have changed how we do business and paid for themselves many times over.  Jane is the best in the business and I hope she can do for you what she does for us!

John Barnes, President, Chesapeake Homes

Everything you have taught us was right. I think we believed 85% was right when you were with us, but the other 15% came a year later. So, you were a hundred percent right from the start.  I remember there were a few things that you suggested that we do that we didn’t do and thought that we knew better and it took about a year and then we realized that you were right. So, we fell in line. I strongly recommend Jane to anybody that is considering as she is the expert without a doubt.

 Frank Ballif, President, Southern Development Homes

Unlike any other consultant or expert, we have retained over the years, Jane was able to immediately recognize what was not working in our operation. Without wasting time on formalities or small talk, she jumps in head first, assesses our strengths and weaknesses, and began creating a framework for solutions and improvements. She is that rare breed of professional that business owners yearn for: She is an actual DOER, AND EXECUTOR. Her recommendations and solutions for our company were created specifically for our business, our sales and design team, our model homes, and our design center… they were not canned or reprocessed from previous clients.

She can stand in front of a group of our employees, make her excellent recommendations, get the audience to buy into her ideas with enthusiasm, WITHOUT stepping on toes or bruising egos. It is a gift, and she uses it powerfully.

The days she spent with me and our team were priceless. She will prove invaluable to any developer or builder who wants to radically improve their Design Center (or create one), their models, their processes and procedures, the manner in which their employees treat their customers and the way their company “Wows” their prospects and customers.

Jane’s client list includes the “Best of the Best” of the builders throughout the country. The impact she had on our company will last for many years and will touch countless clients and employees.

She has taken us to a new level.

David Grounds, President and CEO, Dorn Homes

Honestly, it is difficult to pick out ONE thing that is best. I believe the synergy of doing it all and following all your advice in a multi-prong strategy to improve the entire selections process is what improves it both in terms of happier buyers and increased profitability. Just hire Jane and do it all. While we are pleased with the 92% increase in option sales which have resulted from our new Design Studio and implementing recommendations from Success Strategies, we are even happier about the smooth selection process that has resulted for our buyers. We are offering more options at higher margins, but have shortened the time buyers need to make selections, clarified their choices better, and have fewer mistakes in the field! Everyone’s a winner!

 The training you provide, both the content and spirit of the message you share worked wonderfully for us with fantastic results.

 Ron McArthur, Owner, McArthur Homes

If you’re serious about investing into results-driven strategies from the national design studio leader, fill out your information below to get started exploring ELEVATE.

Step Up to a higher level and outperform
your goals through results-driven strategies

Please note: Jane is not available for hourly consulting or single day on-site consulting at your location. Consulting services are only available through our multi-month Elevate programs (which include BOTH on-site and remote consulting).

Next Elevate availability is Q4 of 2023 and Q1 of 2024.

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