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Want to sell more homes in the current housing market?

Transform your design studio experience into a robust marketing tool that attracts quality prospects and converts them into contracted home buyers.

There’s no getting around it: we’re in a challenging housing market.

These days, it takes more to get prospective customers to become home buyers. It takes more work, more connecting, more teaching, more patience, more guidance.

You’ve likely heard all about it…

“Prices are too high right now.”

“Interest rates have been climbing.”

“Layoffs are happening everywhere. What if I lose my job?”

A buffet of economic factors is causing some new buyers to postpone their home-building dreams. But you can bet potential buyers still daydream about a fresh start in a new home.

It’s been said that emotions drive nearly 90% of our decisions.

Logic (and fear) may keep home buyers in limbo at first, but ultimately, their feelings will be the driving factor that motivates them to move forward on their new home construction.

And when they do, you want them to move forward and build with YOU.

But how can you increase the odds that you’ll be the builder they trust when they’re ready to green-light their new home construction?

Believe it or not, you’ve got an underutilized marketing tool right in front of you:
your design studio.

Sure, the design studio often doesn’t come into play until AFTER the home buyers have committed to their building journey with you.

But what if you flipped the script?

What if you could…

market a unique, highly-engaging home personalization experience that sets you apart from other local builders

help buyers imagine a home that represents the true expression of their personalities and lifestyles

leverage your design studio options to invite potential buyers into a “choose your own adventure” daydream for creating their ideal home

Those options could be individually selected cabinets, lights, countertops, fixtures, and floors. Or maybe you offer design collections and options packages curated by design experts and hand-picked by enthusiastic buyers.

As your prospective buyers ponder these options with you, their theoretical homes begin to take shape in their minds. The ability to select how they want their home to look and perform…THAT’S the ultimate power you can offer your buyers.

And that’s precisely why marketing a VIP personalization experience is the key to generating sales through less-than-ideal market conditions.

Regardless of market conditions, it’s always worthwhile to build an emotional connection with your potential buyers…because it results in SALES.

The magic is in your pre-purchase interactions with your prospective buyers…

By establishing an interactive design dialogue with your prospects BEFORE the sale, you’re sparking a relationship built on collaboration and growing trust. What if your team could showcase your company’s unparalleled expertise and superior service, factors that elevate you above other builders?

These targeted pre-sale conversations strengthen your company’s brand with future home buyers. As a result, more of those buyers will be drawn to you (and away from your competition).

And when those potential buyers are ready to sign the contracts to kick off their new construction, your company will stand alone as the brand that helped them paint a mental picture of their already-beloved new home.

I’ve defined a proven formula that synergizes your Sales, Marketing, and Design teams and converts prospects into buyers, even in a tough real estate market.

After decades of studying the inner workings of design studios, I’ve identified 15 potential personalization benefits that home builders can offer their buyers.

Whether it’s your expert design consultants, the quality or breadth of your options, your exceptional design studio environment, your customer-focused personalization experience, your powerful design studio technology, or other factors…

Imagine how powerful it would be if you could pinpoint and then spotlight your strongest, most alluring benefits… the ones that set your brand apart from the others?

I can show you exactly how to identify your top benefits and leverage them across a wide variety of marketing avenues — your website, social media, advertising, public events, additional marketing resources, even conversations with your sales team — to bring in more sales.

And it’s all inside my virtual BOOST! Workshop Series, created especially for builders like you.

Selling more homes in a tough market is easier than you think…

BOOST! will synergize your Sales, Marketing and Design efforts to take advantage of an untapped marketing opportunity.

By leveraging your Design Studio experience to build a stronger relationship with potential customers, you’ll attract higher-quality buyers with the excitement of imagining what their uniquely personalized home could look like…and a clear vision of their pathway to get there.

The pivotal piece of that equation? Conveying to those buyers that your company is the only one that can deliver the experience and the ideal home they’ve been dreaming of.

In my interactive virtual BOOST! Workshop Series, I’ll show your Sales, Marketing, and Design Managers how they can join forces to market a superior personalization experience that will elevate your brand, attract quality prospects, and drive more sales.

And you’ll walk away with all the tools to do it in less than one day’s work!

Wait, why is a Design Studio Expert running a workshop for Sales & Marketing managers?

Yes, it’s me – Jane Meagher, President of Success Strategies.

You probably know me best as the TRUE National Design Studio Expert who has spoken at the International Builder Show over two dozen times and been a featured speaker at over 100 key homebuilding industry events. Some even call me The Guru of Design Studios.

But I’m also a Home Builder Marketing Expert with over 20 years of sales and marketing experience in the residential housing industry.

After obtaining my New Jersey Real Estate license, I gained a broad understanding of new home sales, earning Rookie Salesperson of the Year at a Top 10 builder and also selling new homes for a small local builder.

Throughout my early career, I also held several pivotal roles in real estate marketing, including:

Outsourced VP of Marketing creating award-winning national marketing campaigns

Publisher of a New Homes Guide advising builders on creating successful ads

Senior Market Research Analyst for a premier national homebuilding consulting company

VP of Sales & Marketing for a national interior design and merchandising firm

After working with builders in 43 states in more than 120 housing markets across the US and Canada, I’ve experienced hot real estate markets as well as slow ones.

And it’s the unique fusion of my deep roots in builder marketing and sales with my extensive background as a Design Studio expert that allows me to offer a singularly insightful perspective you won’t find anywhere else.

I know all of the untapped tools and marketing language builders can use to leverage their personalization options and drive more sales, even in slow markets.

Hear how different roles (Sales, Marketing, Design, and Executive Leadership) share how they benefitted from BOOST! :

“It really helped us to see the areas where we are weak when it comes to using our design studios and the design experience as a true selling feature. We have true action items from this session that we plan to begin developing and executing ASAP. The knowledge and takeaways were extremely valuable. Cannot wait to take this content and role play it with the team on Monday in our Sales Rally!”

Amy Druhot, VP of Sales, Eastwood Homes

“A discussion on proper communication and expectation setting for the OSC’s was an a-ha moment for the group”

Regina Bennett, Customer Care Leader, Brown Haven Homes

“I was not expecting to come away with so many sparks of ideas and nuggets of wisdom!!  I was definitely thinking it would be most applicable to the design team, but in reality, I feel like I as the marketing manager got SO much out of it!!

Just do it! You will not regret it! It is worth every single minute!”

Kaitlyn Mckay Stafford, Marketing Manager, Magnolia Homes


“It was a great opportunity for leaders across departments to brainstorm and come up with new ideas. I thought it would be long and hard to pay attention, but it moved fast and I loved having time to chat with our team.”

Erin Yarbrough, Director of Marketing, Ideal Homes & Neighborhoods

“Great program overall – planted seeds to start thinking differently. BOOST! gave us a road map that we can utilize to overcome many different challenges. I enjoyed the interactive activities and liked how our team was able to walk away with actionable tasks.”

Rebecca Goheen, Design Studio Coordinator, Niblock Homes

“Forced us to  take time to focus on the DS, and continues to help us break down silos and looking at things from a higher perspective.  Lots of quality content, great collateral and key messaging tracks to copy and make our own. I just loved the PDF handouts. So many good word tracks to RUN with.

If you’re on the fence about registering for BOOST! , Do it. Rarely has training, in my experience, been so concrete and clear.”

Catherin Hollenbach, Marketing Leader, EGStoltzfus Neighborhood Homes

“We always say our personalization is truly what sets us apart but have never been sure how to put this into words – this has really helped us. It was helpful to learn what truly makes our design experience unique vs. our competitors. I enjoyed the breakout sessions with our team so we could talk then and there about the topics.”

Kellye Ruckman, Marketing Manager, Eagle of VA

“It breaks down the silos that many companies have and gets people to THINK about the organization a as whole.”

John Allen, President, Brown Haven Homes

“I have been through DC Pro and Managing Excellence courses and this was much more sales-oriented and helped us to see real-world, immediate action items we could take to increase our business right then!!  BOOST! helped us to really lean into focusing on our strengths and set the right expectations and visions for our future homeowners!!

Register now!! It is beyond worth it and so many departments within the company can gain helpful and profitable insights!!”

Whitney Harvey, VP of Sales, Marketing, Design, Magnolia Homes

“The multi-builder format was beneficial ! We heard SO many good takeaways from {other builder}–things that we may not have considered on our own. Very helpful to have a different perspective and collaborate to help each other in our different markets. Well worth the investment!! There is always room to improve, and there is a wealth of knowledge in this workshop.”

Shannon Parker, Warranty & Design Manager, Magnolia Homes

When you sign up for the BOOST! Workshop Series, I’ll walk your team through it all in an interactive, small-group setting with a few other builder management teams.

This format provides you with the rare opportunity to hear the BOOST! tactics that are working for builders in other geographic areas, igniting creativity for crafting your own marketing solutions.

In just a few hours of strategizing, the BOOST! Workshops will help you discover how to sell more homes…here’s how.

This multi-builder workshop is comprised of four phases. You’ll designate a team of up to four managers (from Sales, Marketing, & Design) to work with me through each of the phases.

I’ll guide you through crafting your brand’s unique selling proposition (USP) and devising an action plan to market it and start generating sales.

Regardless of whether you offer custom homes, semi-custom homes, à la carte design studio experience, or pre-configured design collections…

With hours of deep-dive access to me and my unmatched combination of design studio and marketing expertise, you’ll get:

proven marketing phrases that spotlight your brand’s unique strengths

fresh strategies for marketing your personalization and customer experiences

a concrete action plan to get more sales flowing in your pipeline right away

This done-with-you approach ensures that you’ll have a dynamic marketing solution tailor-made specifically for your brand.

And all you’ll have to do to get those sales rolling in is execute.

Here’s what we’ll cover in each of the BOOST! phases.

Phase 1: Position

Define the top-notch personalization experience, and uncover your unique benefits, that sets you apart from your competition, no matter whether you offer custom, semi-custom, à la carte personalization, or pre-configured design collections

Phase 2: Attract

Devise a marketing game plan that draws in quality buyers, and fine-tune marketing copy to effectively convey your unique USPs

Phase 3: Convert

Once potential customers are engaging with your sales team, learn how to build that relationship and stoke their emotional connection to buying a home from you

Discover how to overcome the four most common objections around personalization that stand between you and a home sale

Phase 4: Deliver

Generate more referrals and glowing testimonials about your exceptional design studio experience, and leverage them to generate sales

Using the BOOST! workbook, you’ll emerge with a strategically-crafted marketing game plan designed to increase sales in a challenging market as well as across all market conditions for years to come.

I bet you want to re-ignite sales and stand out from your competition.

That’s why we’re so excited to bring BOOST! to builders like you.

In just a few focused sessions over the course of a month, your team can learn how to effectively market your personalization benefits to attract and convert.

We’ll tackle the BOOST! Phases throughout four sessions:

In-Advance Workshop Prep

1-2 weeks before live event

Watch an on-demand 30-minute video & do Phase 1 (Position) of the BOOST! workbook

  • This session lays the groundwork for the strategizing you’ll do in the following sessions and ensures that you’ll be ready to hit the ground running when you connect live with me.
  • Your team (of up to four Sales, Marketing, & Design Managers) will receive a 30-minute welcome video that will guide you through determining your brand’s positioning vs. your competitors’, and identify your USPs and personalization benefits.
  • You’ll complete the Phase 1 exercises so your team will be primed and prepared to devise a unique-to-you marketing plan in the live workshop event.

Virtual Workshop Sessions

Two approximately 2-hour sessions

Work on Phases 2 (Attract) and 3 (Convert) of the workbook

  • These sessions are the main event! Your team will work together, guided by me, to devise a plan to leverage your top personalization benefits so you can attract more potential buyers, address their concerns, and convert them into contracted customers.
  • These are true WORKING workshops, not straight lecture! It’s all about collaboration, decisions, and creating your game plan

Interactive Discussion

  • Your managers will get direct access to me in a small group setting with other builder management teams so they can:
    1. Ask questions specific to your brand
    2. Nail down your USP
    3. Get targeted guidance on how your Sales, Marketing, & Design groups can join forces and work together to spark sales
    4. Gain fresh perspectives and valuable insights from discussions with other builder management teams who are also redefining their marketing strategies

Virtual Workshop Follow-Up

One 2-hour session

Present your marketing strategies and get valuable feedback and advice on how to refine it

  • Share your plan, the steps your team has taken to implement it, and your results so far.
  • I’ll provide expert feedback on your progress to date and answer questions about refining your marketing plan and next steps

Work on Phase 4 (Deliver) of the workbook

  • I’ll complete the last phase with you as we discuss generating testimonials and referral sales.
  • You’ll walk away with targeted action items that will establish your brand as the top builder of personalized homes in your area.

It’s time to connect with your target market on a deeper level. It’s time to improve sales numbers at your monthly meetings… Whip up a whole new marketing plan that delivers sales, even when buyers feel uncertain.

Hear from Homebuilding Presidents who trust Jane’s expert guidance…

“Jane’s ability to blend concept and strategy into cohesive, actionable plans that achieve real goals and deliver remarkable results is unsurpassed.”

Josh Goldschmidt, President, Eagle of VA

“Jane, you provide a value with an exponential return on investment. Your experience in sales and sales management for builders gives you a great understanding of what builders deal with. You have been there.”

 John Eilermann Jr, Chairman and CEO, McBride and Son Homes

What you’ll have after completing the BOOST! Workshops

A strategically-crafted marketing game plan

(with direct customized input from Jane) that:

  • Highlights your USP and positions your brand as the premier provider of top-notch personalized homes in your area
  • Attracts quality buyers who want to build their ideal home
  • Equips you with the precise phrases, marketing elements, and delivery methods that are tailor-made to help your business shine

A comprehensive BOOST! workbook

with information-packed reference sheets, worksheets, and instructions so you can continue to refine your marketing strategy for years to come

Even better, you’ll enjoy the feeling of confidence that you and your team can ramp up your sales numbers despite the slow market.

Are you ready to start collecting signed contracts from new home buyers?

The BOOST! Workshop is the best way to soak up Jane’s extensive experience and advice to start selling more homes again.

If you wanted to book Jane for her typically sold-out, one-on-one consulting, you’d have to invest between $24,000 and $50,000.

But with BOOST!, you can start learning her proven techniques and masterful marketing messages as soon as next month!

You can secure seats for up to four of your managers in our next BOOST! Workshop Series at the special offer of just $1,895!

That’s less than $475 per person to get direct access to Jane, craft a fresh marketing strategy, leverage an unutilized-but-powerful business asset, and close more sales in a tight housing market.

2023 BOOST! Workshop Dates

May 2023 Workshop Series


July 2023 Workshop Series


October 2023 Workshop Series


2024 BOOST! Workshop Dates

November 2024 Workshop Series



In-Advance Workshop Prep

Virtual Workshop

Virtual Workshop

Virtual Workshop Follow-Up

Date + Time

Starting October 22

November 5
2:00pm – 4:30pm EST

Bonus Session 4:30-5:00pmEST

November 6
2:30pm – 4:00pm EST

November 25
2:30pm – 4:30pm EST

What you’ll do

Receive intro video and complete Phase 1 of the workbook

Do Phase 2 of the workbook with your team; refine ideas during the interactive discussion

Do Phase 3 of the workbook with your team; refine ideas during the interactive discussion

Get Janes expert feedback on your plan, ask her questions, and do Phase 4 of the workbook


Is this workshop only for Design Studio Consultants and Managers?

Actually, BOOST! is a management program designed for your Sales, Marketing, and Design department managers, plus a fourth person. While your Design Consultant can attend the workshop, if you’ve already got a Design Studio Manager attending, you might want to reserve your other spots for your Sales and Marketing leaders.

The goal of BOOST! is to synergize all facets of your home-building business (Sales, Marketing, and Design) to create a new approach to marketing and servicing your buyers.

By focusing your marketing efforts on leveraging your Design Studio experience to build a stronger relationship with potential buyers, you’ll attract higher-quality buyers who crave YOUR unique personalization process for their ideal home.

I thought Jane Meagher was a Design Studio Expert… how can she guide our Sales and Marketing staff?

You’re right – Jane is well-known as the industry’s top Design Studio Expert. But she’s also:

  • A Home Builder Marketing Expert with decades of experience in sales and marketing in the residential housing industry
  • A Real Estate thought leader with work published in over a dozen industry publications
  • A master of the real estate trifecta – Sales, Marketing, AND Design – who has worked with builders in 43 states in more than 120 housing markets across the US and Canada

It’s the unique fusion of Jane’s deep roots in builder marketing and sales with her extensive background as a Design Studio expert that allow her to offer a singularly insightful perspective you won’t find anywhere else.

Jane has uncovered the untapped tools builders can use to leverage their personalization options and drive more sales, even in slow markets. And she’ll share it all in the BOOST! Workshop.

We don’t have a lot of time to devote to a workshop. How long will it take?

Your time is valuable, so we’ve made BOOST! super-easy to attend. The whole workshop series happens in less time than a full workday! There’s a prep session followed by three live sessions, which are spread out over the course of a month or so.

BOOST! is actually the virtual equivalent of an in-person conference, so you actually SAVE TIME (and money) by not travelling to an event location. You’ll still interact directly with Jane and other builders, and make concrete progress toward selling more homes.

What actually happens during the Workshops?

First, it’s important to mention that the workshops are NOT lectures. So you won’t have to worry about sitting through an endless speech. During these live workshop videoconferences, your team will:

  1. Have access to and learn directly from Jane as she walks them through the workbook material, step by step. Getting Jane’s personalized guidance and feedback is the most impactful part of the event!
  2. Join forces and share ideas during intra-company breakouts in your own private Zoom room (where Jane can pop in to join you). These conversations allow your team to define and even begin implementing fresh strategies from the workshop, so they’ll be making progress before the session is even over.
  3. Derive inspiration from the takeaways that other builders share in the inter-company discussions. Your team will hear how other builders are planning to implement their new strategies. And, as a bonus, in the final workshop, they’ll hear how those strategies are working out in real time. It’s kind of like reading a mini case study for free.

How is a workshop about Design Studios going to help us sell more homes?

BOOST! is a sales and marketing workshop series where you’ll discover how to use your design personalization experience to sell more homes. It doesn’t matter if you offer custom homes, personalized homes, or pre-designed collections, we’ll show you how to leverage your company’s design experience to attract and convert more buyers.

We don’t have a Design Studio. We offer collections sold by our Sales Team. Will this work for us?

ABSOLUTELY. We address all the different levels of personalization options in BOOST! There are specific sales and marketing copy recommendations for your scenario.

Seems like there’s a big focus on marketing. How does this benefit our Sales Team?

We include sales talking points that work in perfect harmony with the marketing copy so you can present an effective, unified message to your potential buyers. The marketing resources you’ll create will become tools for your sales team. And we’ll help you overcome the four most common objections around personalization that stand between your potential customer and a contract.

Why do my Sales and Marketing Managers need to attend?

BOOST! is a workshop series focused on sales and marketing. You’ll discover how to use your design personalization experience to attract and convert more buyers. This program was created expressly for Sales and Marketing Managers. We ask Design Managers to attend to support their colleagues and provide subject matter knowledge and clarification.

When registering for BOOST!, why do I have to list my top 3 competitors?

One of the most valuable (and unexpected) benefits of experiencing BOOST! with other builders is the ability to hear different perspectives on how other companies implement BOOST! strategies.

It’s helpful to talk strategy with builders who are in a different geographic market. But we know you don’t want to share your secrets with your local competitors! We ask you to identify your top three competitors so we can check to see if any of them are registered for the same workshop date. If that does happen, we’ll figure out alternate workshop dates (for the company that signs up last), so you can soak up all that BOOST! knowledge separately.

I’m interested in BOOST!, but our team can't attend on the dates available. Will more dates be added?

The posted BOOST! sessions are the only ones planned for the 2023 year. Email us at with subject line: “Notify me if you add new BOOST! Workshop dates.” By notifying us, you’ll receive the first opportunity to register if any new dates are added for 2023 or 2024. We’re also more likely to plan the next BOOST! Workshop sooner if we know builders are waiting to register! Feel free to tell us your preferred timing.

Bust through your buyers’ hesitancy by marketing your unique personalization experience that gets buy-in from their hearts first.

And Sell. More. Homes!

Space is limited to ensure that every builder team gets direct access to Jane, so register for BOOST! today!