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Ultimate Design Studio is the nation’s premier design studio creation and consulting program.

Designed for large spaces, this comprehensive program guides you through the entire process of creating a strategic design studio environment, so you can deliver a world-class customer experience and sell more options.

Unique Design Studio Creations

As the nation’s #1 design studio expert, Success Strategies has created 175+ unique design studio environments across the US and Canada, and has been honored with over 30 national awards for Best Design Center in the Country. Our unparalleled expertise will help you maximize your space’s revenue potential while avoiding costly mistakes. The result is a state-of-the-art design studio with the power to change your business.

This robust program leaves no stone unturned. From big concepts to the finer details, we’ll devise a strategic design studio space plan that fits your specific needs, then help manage and guide you through the build-out process. The program takes several months and includes two key phases.

Phase 1: Design Studio Planning (4-8 weeks)

Everything starts with your business goals. Using proven diagnostic tools and consultation calls, we’ll gain extensive insight into your needs, goals and opportunities. We’ll review the breadth and depth of your optional product offerings and make recommendations to increase profitability. We’ll also dig into your brand, current design studio operations and wider business objectives.

Once we have a robust picture of your unique situation, we’ll create a strategic design studio spaceplan that will maximize the revenue potential of your space, and set you apart from the competition.

We’ll identify the constraints and opportunities presented in the physical space available for your new design studio, and apply proven retail strategies and our indepth understanding of consumer purchase psychology to make sure the space allocation in your design studio doesn’t just “look good” on paper, but is designed with smart, strategic business intent.

Phase Two: Creation Oversight Services Retainer
(several months)

We expertly guide you through the entire process of turning your state-of-the-art spaceplan into a breathtaking and profitable reality. This phase includes ongoing consultation from #1 design studio expert Jane Meagher, president of Success Strategies.

After creating 175+ unique design studios, there’s nothing Jane hasn’t seen. Her invaluable knowledge will ensure your studio has the best chance to deliver success, and will enable you to:

  • Identify and manage target dates for key milestones throughout the planning and construction stages
  • Coordinate various internal and external team members
  • Fine-tune the flooring, ceilings, walls, lighting and architectural details of your spaceplan
  • Create retail-based interactive displays that streamline your buyer’s decisions and inspire confidence
  • Specify products to maximize every square foot of wall, floor and ceiling space
  • Order,  create, and place the RIGHT product samples into the right location within your displays
  • Guide targeted and motivating merchandising to maximize opportunities
  • Create maximum interaction between customers and products, and understand the theory behind doing so
  • Understand and leverage labeling, signage and in-studio messaging as sales tools
    and much more!

We’ll make sure you maximize your space’s opportunity with all the tips and techniques you can’t see from photos

I’m forever on the Jane Train

Thanks again for your help throughout the whole process. I am squarely and forever on the “Jane Train” Having just completed work on our new State of the Art Design Studio, I can affirmatively and unequivocally attest to the services of the Success Strategies Team and Jane Meagher. Every detail along the journey, including site selection, layout of the space, displays, product rationalization and much more was professionally and efficiently contemplated, planned and executed.

John Peck, Div Sr VP
Toll Brothers
Boise, ID
Winner of National Award for Best Design Studio

Jane’s focus and detail was critical

Looking back to where we were when we started and where we are now, I don’t think we could have pulled off a third of what you provided us. Your level of focus and detail was critical in getting my team to a place where we feel competent moving forward. We could have done a center, but not with the precision and focus to achieve all that’s possible. We all feel that you are part of the Team in DFW!  I am very pleased with what you and your staff provided and I look forward to our future collaborations.

Gary Rae, Area President
M/I Homes
Dallas, TX

Jaw dropping result…perfect

I wanted to commend you on designing such an amazing space.  The reviews are raving.  It is stunning to walk through our front doors and get those gorgeous views (mouth open, jaws dropped by visitors through the building lobby).  The end result was well worth the excruciating detail it takes to get it right.  A job well done by you and your team. We hit the target with the DC about as perfect as we could have…thank you.

Jay McManus, Area President
M/I Homes
Houston, TX

100% pleased Selling more options

We followed Jane’s formula and I wouldn’t change a thing.  I say with 100% certainly I found tremendous value in Jane’s services and that I am 100% pleased with results!  We are selling more options, have more control over the process, and have turned our purchasing process into an experience that our buyers love.  She is the real deal!!   I would do it all again in a heartbeat!

Frank Ballif, President
Southern Development Homes
Charlottesville, VA

We are exceeding expectations internally and externally

Jane doesn’t just create a drawing for you, she truly gets to know who you are, what products you build, what options you offer and what are your specific needs in order to be successful. She creates a well thought out plan that maximizes the space allotted to help create a studio that will change the game for your homeowners! We are exceeding all expectations both internally and externally! Our Design Team can’t believe they have reduced their appointments to closing buyers in literally 2 appointments!

Theresa Hall, Director of Sales & Marketing
Judd Builders
Blue Bell, PA

Jane’s meticulous and focused attention to every project

I’ve learned so much from Jane about the Design Studio business. Her meticulous and focused attention to each project in which we’ve worked together, is admirable. She collaborates in an inclusive way to deliver projects that meet goals.  Jane’s been a great thought partner throughout the years that I’ve had the pleasure to know her. She’s well respected, and stays in tune with her clients and the industry overall.

Lisa McClelland, VP
Design Studios, Toll Brothers

Game changer. Exponential return on investment

The Design Studio has been a game changer to McBride Homes! Both from the Customer Experience and from a profitability standpoint. We would not have been able to pull off anything even close without you. You provide a value with an exponential return on investment.McBride was just not a client on a project. We feel like we have been brought into the Jane and Success Strategies’ family.  We feel like you are part of the McBride family!  I am a very passionate fan of you and your company.

John Eilermann, CEO
McBride Homes

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