The premier learning experience for large design studio teams.

Get Jane’s concierge-level support and provide your team with the world’s most comprehensive design studio training.

We know you want to support your design team to be the best they can be.

We also know you don’t have the bandwidth to personally handle (or plan) every step of the training required to uplevel your team to “pro” status.

That’s why we created DC PRO EXCLUSIVE.



You want world-class training without the time overhead. Having trained almost 900 consultants in the DC PRO method with raving feedback & reviews, we know what works.

We’ll design the training schedule for you — and  provide manager resources and direct support from Jane — to ensure your rollout is truly seamless.


You want access to support and mentoring from Jane Meagher, the undisputed leader in design studio strategy.

Managers, bring your questions and challenges directly to Jane for expert troubleshooting and feedback.

This is  your rare opportunity to have Jane in your back pocket as your expert sounding board, thought partner,  cheerleader and collaborator.


Training multiple team members (often, across multiple locations) is no small feat.

Your work is challenging  enough as it is. Let us help the training feel easy, so you can focus on doing what you do best while knowing that  your team is receiving everything they need to thrive.

You’ll look like the rockstar you already are, with less effort  than ever before.


The design studio training program you’ve always wanted to deliver to your team? We’ve already created it for  you: DC PRO is designed specifically for Design Consultants in the homebuilding industry. Nothing else like it  exists.

Your managers also deserve to be fully supported as they oversee the training experience. With DC PRO EXCLUSIVE, your managers will maximize their own performance and minimize stress throughout the entire  training journey.

Our goal is to make YOU look like a rockstar.

We give you the processes, tools and a comprehensive training plan to effortlessly uplevel your team from good to exceptional.

Curious? Request a full brochure and a private consultation with Jane.


Here’s what builder executives said after enrolling their entire national design teams into DC PRO, and providing their team with direct, live access to Jane through DC PRO EXCLUSIVE

Worth time and financial investment: Seeing results of time spent

It’s worth the time and financial investment to provide the DC PRO training to your teams.

I was particularly impressed by the content and organization of the content as well as how thorough the sessions are with the correct topics to focus on. 

The design teams were ecstatic to have specialized training for their roles. The Zooms created more accountability with keeping everyone on track with the sessions and the collaboration was something everyone looked forward to. 

We are seeing the results of the time spent and look forward to continually working on these topics with the teams.  I am grateful we made the decision to invest in the program and would make the same decision again.

Sherri Drew, National VP of Design Studios
TriPointe Homes

Elevated everyone to same level of excellence

Although the skills in DC PRO were always abstract ideas and goals of mine to implement with our consultants, DC PRO gave us the defined technique that made it easy to implement in order to achieve a new level of customer satisfaction.

Our team of consultants has a wide range of experience, and DC PRO elevated everyone on my team to the same level of professionalism and expertise.

Alexa Drees Walker, Design Center Director
Drees Homes

Jane really gets what happens in the Design Center

My team was so impressed with DC PRO.

I have received nothing but positive comments about the program.  Designers have commented that Jane is able to give them helpful and usable advice and it is clear she really gets what happens in the Design Center.

Amber Shay, National VP of Design Studios
Meritage Homes

Our journey with Jane has been nothing short of incredible

Jane’s vast knowledge, decades of experience and training combined with undeniable enthusiasm and passion have inspired our organization and elevated our customer’s Design Studio experience.  She truly understands our customer focused mission and is committed to Kolter’s success and bringing our vision to life.  It has been an honor to receive her guidance and we look forward to our continued collaboration.

Alissa Bennett, Director of Design Studios
Kolter Homes


This program has very limited availability, so please reach out as far in advance as possible.