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The premier learning experience for large design studio teams.

Get Jane’s concierge-level support and provide your team with the world’s most comprehensive design studio training.

Here’s what builder executives said after enrolling their entire national design teams into DC PRO, and providing their team with direct, live access to Jane through DC PRO EXCLUSIVE

“It’s worth the time and financial investment to provide the DC PRO training to your teams.

I was particularly impressed by the content and organization of the content as well as how thorough the sessions are with the correct topics to focus on. We loved how appropriate and thorough it was for their roles.

The design teams were ecstatic to have specialized training for their roles.

I think the Zooms were loved by all, including the Design Consultants.  The Zooms created more accountability with keeping everyone on track with the sessions and the collaboration was something everyone looked forward to. The collaboration of open discussion with Jane’s expertise was beneficial to the entire group.

We are seeing the results of the time spent and look forward to continually working on these topics with the teams.  I am grateful we made the decision to invest in the program and would make the same decision again.”

– Sherri Drew, National VP of Design Studios, TriPointe Homes

“Although the skills in DC PRO were always abstract ideas and goals of mine to implement with our consultants, DC PRO gave us the defined technique that made it easy to implement in order to achieve a new level of customer satisfaction.  Our team of consultants has a wide range of experience, and DC PRO elevated everyone on my team to the same level of professionalism and expertise.”

– Alexa Drees Walker, Design Center Director, Drees Homes

    My team was so impressed with DC PRO. I have received nothing but positive comments about the program.  Designers have commented that Jane is able to give them helpful and usable advice and it is clear she really gets what happens in the Design Center.”

    – Amber Shay, National VP of Design Studios, Meritage Homes

    If you have 20 or more people on your design studio team, email us at or call Jane directly at 732 294-0908 to learn how to get Jane’s concierge-level support for your Managers and Design Consultants.

    This program has very limited availability, so please reach out as far in advance as possible.