Managers: Get ready for an experience that will
transform your professional career!

The highly-celebrated Managing Excellence mastermind program is open to anyone who manages a design studio and whose current Design Consultants are, or have been, enrolled in DC PRO.

Our 50+ elite Managing Excellence members include Design Studio Managers, VPs of Sales/Marketing, VPs of Operations, VPs of Purchasing, Owners, and others.

Managers, your life just got 10x easier…
Lead your team to success with

If you’re a Design Studio Manager or VP who will be overseeing your consultants as they master The DC PRO Approach, be sure to select “Managing Excellence” at checkout to get access to…

One year’s access to twice-monthly small group sessions with Jane Meagher — EXCLUSIVE to Managing Excellence!

Learn from, share and workshop with the best in the industry as you train your team to become true DC PROs. You’ll get guidance directly from Jane around any tricky team challenges you’re facing while you connect and share resources with like-minded managers in a private, supportive space.

This is your only chance for direct access to Jane Meagher, the founder of Success Strategies and the National Design Studio Institute. There is no other way to purchase access to Jane’s time and advice, outside of our $24-50K+ consulting packages that book out 6+ months in advance.

Track, train & transition your team to true DC PRO status

Enrolling in Managing Excellence ensures you’ll effectively support your team through their DC PRO learning journey, with feedback from Jane as you go.

Plus, get exclusive resources to streamline your program delivery and enhance team performance, including:

  • 8 Trainers’ Guides to DC PRO (one for each class in DC PRO) to help you effortlessly introduce, support and wrap up each class with your team.

These priceless Trainer’s Guides are a robust, 100% done-for-you plan that will facilitate your team’s learning, and include an overview of key concepts, additional examples and exercise ideas, plus discussion topics and additional exercises to deepen your team’s mastery. You’ll never have to guess the best way to introduce a concept to your team or how they should complete the exercises — we map it all out for you. You’ll kick things off by sending your team a done-for-you DC PRO program overview to get your team excited for what’s ahead.”

And you’ll receive special best practice guides for supply chain challenges, product knowledge training, and onboarding new consultants.”

  • A Completion Path Tracker that lays out which lessons your team will complete each week, so you’re never left wondering what to focus on or if you’re forgetting anything. See each month’s lessons, exercises and activities at a glance to plan your own and your team’s schedules in advance.

To ensure timely support and advice from Jane as you roll out DC PRO to your team, all Managing Excellence participants and their teams will follow an 8-month completion track.

Managers in Managing Excellence will begin the program with Jane in Q4 2023, and Jane will guide you through the program while you guide your team!

  • Track & monitor your team’s development with access to a private portal in our learning system to track each member’s progress as they work through the program videos and complete quizzes.
These exclusive resources will help you organize you & your team’s time to optimize learning around your busy schedules, and dramatically decrease the time and overhead it takes for you to oversee their learning successfully.

Your own license
to DC PRO!

Yours free when you join Managing Excellence!

Managing Excellence includes a just-for-you license in DC PRO for an entire year. Your license also includes certification eligibility, pending you meet the certification requirements.

Private Managing Excellence Community Channel

For one year you’ll have access to Jane and the best managers in the industry inside our private Managing Excellence community channel (hosted on Microsoft Teams). There is nowhere like this to workshop your design studio challenges, gain access to best practices and cutting edge strategies, and develop a lifetime network of like-minded colleagues.

(We have a habit of bringing great people together: past participants are still trading information and supporting each other, even after their official Managing Excellence year ended.)

Having Jane available for twice monthly Zoom calls was a game changer. Jane helped us determine what things we should simplify, prioritize, or even just get rid of. Jane also created a Teams chat line where we can connect with other managers any day of the year and discuss a topic to get an outside opinion.  Managing Excellence has completely changed the dynamic of how my team and I operate with each other, and cultivated a great working relationship for us.

~ Brandi Peralta, Director of Sales at Chesapeake Homes

“The forum to discuss issues, problems, and ideas was invaluable. Also to have Jane with her wisdom guiding the discussion was the best! The [Trainers Guides] gave me a starting off point for my personal preparation for team DC PRO meetings. Information sharing was THE BEST!!!  I would 100% make the decision to do it again.”

~ Cinda Taylor, Design Manager, Ivory Homes

“ We have implemented over 20 initiatives already with many more to come.  From more strategic ways to price and present products, to managing the customer expectations, to helping up-serve the customer – the list goes on and on. One initiative alone resulted in over 8% average design studio investment per customer! If you are unsure of the Managing Excellence course value, don’t think again. You will be amazed at the depth, growth, improvement, peer connection, and  profit increase this program provides. It is truly a master level course with beyond measure benefits. Jane is the consummate expert in this field”

~ Corrine Bachman, Owner/VP at French Brothers

“Managing Excellence was an Incredible tool and time saver for me. Lively conversations and ideas on how other builders and Design Studios are handling and celebrating similar situations. Wonderful summary on topics and material.”

                ~ Kim Sandoval, Director of Corporate Marketing, Classic Homes

“Enrolling in Managing Excellence alongside the DC PRO program was an invaluable experience! The regular meetings with Jane and a small group of like-minded Design Studio Managers were a tremendous asset! With this kind of access to Jane, she has become a personal mentor and coach. It became a kind of therapy to come together in an intimate and personal setting and talk about our common challenges and share best practices that are unique to our role. 

Above all else, I would be absolutely lost without the Trainers Guides provided through MX! It would have been worth enrolling in the program just for these. They provide invaluable tips on how to engage my team with the lesson material, and provide thought-provoking leading questions and suggested exercises to keep momentum going. They changed what could have been a quick re-cap discussion for each lesson into a much richer dialogue that we could no way cover in one meeting. There is enough support in these documents to keep my team engaged and growing for many years!”

~ Amanda Thackway, Design Studio Manager, Brookfield Residential

“I am absolutely satisfied with DC PRO and Managing Excellence! Gained valuable insight and put together two new guides based on these recommendations, and procured valuable supply chain, verbiage and process insights that we have already put into place!”

~ Whitney Harvey, VP of Sales & Marketing at Magnolia Homes

“Not does only DC PRO provide best practice training, it is also so much fun! For me it has been such a positive break from the day to day operations which has given me so much inspiration to continue to grow in my role as a Design Studio Manager.”

~ Jerai Laird, Design Studio Manager at New Traditions

“Thank YOU, Jane – meeting and working through DC PRO with our combined Milwaukee and Madison DC PROs-to-be is truly one of the highlights of my workweek!!”


~ Pete Lange, Sales Team Leader at Tim O’Brien Homes

Managing Excellence only opens once per calendar year.

This ensures you’ll build invaluable relationships through tight-knit networking opportunities with the other Managers and with Jane throughout one entire year together.

To ensure your best chance to get into the next Managing Excellence group, add your name now to the Managing Excellence VIP Waitlist. You’ll be invited to register before Managing Excellence opens to the public.