Thank you for your interest in DC PRO!  We want to make sure the program is appropriate for you and that you will be fully satisfied with the content!

Here’s what other companies like yours have said about DC PRO:

“We truly loved the DC Pro Course. We have seen a dramatic change in the designers.  Not only are they more confident, but the buyers are getting first class service!”

Mary Fitzgerald, Vice President of Design – East, Interior Logic Group


“DC PRO is an exceptional training tool.”

Lesley Hodges, Design Studio Manager at Saddleback Design


“Jane provided some great information and was a great motivator.”

Aida Carrette, Design Consultant at Ally Building Solutions and Certified DC PRO


“The biggest takeaway was examples of what to say to buyers to make them feel special and at ease with all the decisions they need to make and how to respond without saying “sorry” or “no”. I feel like I am a better design consultant after taking your course. I love using the words “investment amount”, “available options” and “finalize and authorize your selections”.

 Autumn Morton, Interior Designer at Carpet Diem and Certified DC PRO


 “My team and are enjoying the DC PRO program and are certainly getting a lot out of it.”

Julie Topping, Design Studio Manager at Ally Building Solutions and Certified DC PRO

If you are interested in DC PRO and you are not a homebuilder or you are a homebuilder who is purchasing licenses for individuals who are not directly employed by you, please fill out the eligibility form below.

If you are a multi-builder design studio who is eligible, we’ll send you more information regarding how  DC PRO works for multi-builder design studios and an eligibility code to use when enrolling.

Please note DC PRO is not appropriate for suppliers or consultants in the homebuilding industry.

We look forward to better understanding your needs and your company from the information below.