Design Intelligence: Who’s Hot: Kari Armstrong, President HRI Design

What’s the newest direction for interiors? The answer might surprise you.

Design is always a reflection of how we see ourselves within the context of the world around us. Global issues, economic conditions, and changing values all impact the colors and designs of  textiles and furnishings. As the global economy continues to navigate through financial pitfalls, we are seeing interesting reactions in the design industries.

The latest and greatest finishes consist of worn, natural woods in furniture (think driftwood), and grey washes in floors. Darker woods are still available and popular, but we are seeing a trend toward lighter, more organic finishes.

Styles are moving toward clean, simple silhouettes, with an emphasis on straighter lines. This isn’t translating into modern, contemporary design everywhere in the home, but the introduction of these simplified lines allows us to build a décor that is much more interesting and appealing than a home with only one furniture style throughout.

We don’t see one color emerging as a front runner over the next two years, but rather a variety of very interesting, diverse colors that will please a wide range of tastes.

First, in the saturated arena, we see indigo/ink as a fabulous, intense color that works beautifully with opposing color wheel choices like saffron and coral. There is definitely a move toward saturation in general, and we see it in interesting patterns in textiles. The saturation of these colors takes us to a happy place, and contrast within the grouping isn’t opposing, but rather complimentary.

Second, and perhaps a bit surprising, is the softening of colors (we aren’t ready to say pastel just yet) that is a bit like taking the saturated colors noted above and adding white to them. They still have the essence of their saturated cousin, but are watered down to feel a bit more worn in and comfortable. The more texture the better. It’s a perfect fit with the driftwood furniture movement.

So the great news right now in interiors is that everything is right and nothing is wrong! We are using chrome and glass tables alongside distressed painted pieces, with driftwood accents. It’s all about finding a comfortable place for individual expression.

Organic Eclectic is here!